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VA "Aid and Attendance" Payments an Under-Used Benefit

ATLANTA - There is an under-used, special monthly pension benefit available to Georgia's wartime veterans and surviving spouses of deceased wartime veterans incapable of self support and in need of regular personal assistance. "Many wartime veterans and surviving spouses whose incomes are above the federally mandated limit for a basic VA pension may still be eligible for pension at the higher housebound or Aid and Attendance rate," points out Georgia Commissioner of Veterans Affairs Pete Wheeler. "Although this is not a new program, not everyone is aware of his or her potential eligibility." The Aid and Attendance pension benefit may be available to any wartime veterans and surviving spouses who have in-home care or who live in nursing-homes or assisted-living facilities. "Especially helpful if they have large medical expenses that they may not receive reimbursement," noted Commissioner Wheeler. For a wartime veteran or surviving spouse to qualify for